Our Online Lending Partners
Helping Improve Lending Opportunities Across America

The Union of Online Lenders depends upon the support of our partners for the development and implementation of UOL's programs and projects. Our partners help us continue our efforts to expand individual access in the online lending, peer to peer lending, and crowdfunding industries. Whether it's by offering financial assistance, regulatory insights, or their online lending industry experience, the following organizations deserve a proper thanks. So, thank you to our partners for:

  • Helping to grow the burgeoning online lending industry
  • Providing fair loan rates and better treatment for borrowers
  • Promoting more diverse and transparent options for investors
UOL Partners
My Wedding Loans offers loans up to $40,000 for wedding financing. An online wedding loan can curb the overall expense of a wedding, making it more affordable to have the wedding of your dreams.
VA Financial specializes in providing personal loans to veterans, as well as veteran home and veteran business financing. US service veterans benefit from loans with fixed rates, flexible terms, and affordable payments.
American Medical Loans provides personal loans for healthcare and medical expenses. AML's loans can be used to finance almost any medical procedure including: surgery, fertility, dentistry, or cosmetic procedures.
My Green Loans provides short term loans to consumers who have short term financing needs. These short-term personal loans can be used to cover everything from unexpected expenses to bridging a short-term budget gap.
Military Financial offers loans to active duty military members, veterans, and spouses or dependents of members of the U.S Armed Services. Military loans up to $40,000.
Cash Advance Online offers borrowers online loans with fast access to cash at low rates and with friendly terms. An online loan calculator is available to determine the loan's total cost.
Divorce loans can pay for a divorce by providing online financial services that include credit for funding legal bills, filing fees, and other divorce costs.
Motorcycle Lender provides loans for the purchase of a new or used motorcycle or ATV, buying replacement parts, or building a fully customized bike.

These partners support our independent online loan investor community, help us fund and expand our mission, and assist in our emergence as the leading institution for online lenders. The Union of Online Lenders extend our sincere appreciation to each of our partners and encourages our members to support these organizations and businesses.