UOL Represents the Interests of Individual Investors in the Online Lending Community
Promoting Transparency Between Investors and Lending Platforms

Join UOL, a union of fellow investors that operates solely to foster knowlege of the online investment process. Learn how to minimize risk and increase returns.

  • Building the online lender community
  • Protecting the interests of individual lenders
  • Keeping investors up to date on industry changes
Safeguarding the online loan industry one lender at a time.
Individual Investors
Union of Online Lenders
How UOL Helps Online Lenders and Their Investments

Developed when the online lending industry expanded its services to include crowd-funding and peer to peer lending, the Union of Online Lenders started as a few investors who began utilizing these beneficial online financial tools. These investors knew they would face challenges with this rapidly growing business. So to protect the borrowers and lenders, they agreed if they united, their voices could be heard louder.

Union of Online Lenders believes in sustaining a fair and ethical online lending industry, encouraging healthy investments and technological advancements, examining online lending regulations so that the independent lenders are given equitable opportunities, and offering members a voice in a crowded financial market. In short, when you're a member of UOL, your money and influence matter!

Our group of financial entrepreneurs don't have banking backgrounds or education based in finance. They are simple people who want a better rate of return on their investments which online lending continues to provide.

Know Before You Invest

UOL and our members understand that we are a minority in the lending industry. However, the economic impact of online lenders has forced the market leaders to take note of this 'seemingly' small market share and to grant their special requests. There is strength in numbers! The UOL's goal for the future is to advocate for the expansion of online lending platforms to all 50 states and more foreign countries. By restructuring and improving the current online platforms, lenders can reach more borrowers and continue their success.

If you're taking advantage of the surge in online lending, take care of your investments by letting UOL serve you and your peer's best interests.